Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Mamma!!

Instead of celebrating V-Day, I would like to wish my mommy a happy happy birthday!! Thank you for everything, and I do mean everything. I know I do not show it, and I do not always say it, but, I love you mommy!! Wanna see more? *click* *click* I know some of you are celebrating "Valentines Day", but I do not really celebrate that "holiday". Although, I do like that last year President's day fell after that "holiday", so Lan and I were able to get out of our area and visit the east coasters. Apparently, we were all each others "Valentines"--even if we (Lan & I) did not know about it at the time. heh. Anyway, whatever. Happy Birthday Mommy!! You look younger every year. I love you! *mwah*

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