Sunday, February 06, 2005

The rabbit, it's friend, wolves, and touch-tone registration.

I had the oddest dream. There was a rabbit, a furry friend (I think a hamster-but not a rat), a wolf, some friends, and touch-tone registration. I used to have a bunny as a child, perhaps that is why the rabbit came back. For this time, I think it's different. The rabbits friend was there first, lots of fluffiness--and I was watching them, making sure they didn't go down holes or get lost. I even had this perfect carrying case for them. Suddenly, a wolf comes along. He has something in his mouth--it's my favorite sweater (or scarf). He eyes the rabbit and hamster. I get into kempo mode, and kick the wolf's ass. I also get back my sweater (or scarf). He keeps trying to get my little furry friends, but I keep fighting, and keep talking to the little ones to make sure they're okay. Scene change. I'm walking around and I see some friends. My brother is in his old room doing touch-tone registration for CSUN (of all places). I start to get all worried, thinking I have to register too--someone tells me not to worry because i'm already registered for Rutgers, or i'm going to the east coast. The rabbit and hamster are still with me as i'm walking around. Now, I can only see the rabbit since i'm not so sure what the other furry friend is. I really like this rabbit, it's white, not like my old floppy eared bunny I had as a child. Then I wake up. After discussing my dream with one of my friends, we decided on the cast of characters. Interesting. Interesting way it came up when I had the dream too, but that's a whole other story...

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