Sunday, November 16, 2003

Your Weekly Horoscope for Nov 17 to 23 Dear Eileen Joy, You will certainly get more than a few revelations over the course of this week, mainly because of all the planetary activity going on in the 'mystical' and 'karmic' sector of your chart. For some time now, the cosmos has been introducing you to new ways to understand and perceive what is going on in your world. Your vision is being expanded to encompass the spiritual and the physical as one holistic event, rather than the two being split apart. The solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is going to make you even more aware of the subtle energies that govern your world, and direct the course of events, sometimes without you even being aware of it. This is why you need to stay calm and centered, if certain deep-seated issues in your life suddenly raise their heads. It is time to face them fearlessly, and to find out just why they have posed such a problem. This may also cause you to feel unsure of yourself, and uncertain as to your next steps along the path. But as everything begins to settle, you too will begin to feel so much more positive about the way things seem to be panning out. A new start will become very evident. Best wishes for today, from the astrologers of Yahoo-Astrocenter * * * * * * * * very, very interesting....

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