Thursday, November 20, 2003

the little things... in a conversation i had with a friend via im then on the phone we were talking about all the little things. little things you ask? let me explain... i was first trying to get his opinion on what he thought of something (going about it in a roundabout way of course), and i didn't exactly get the reaction i was going for. so i explained myself by bringing up something totally different (yet kinda related to what i was getting at). it's like the first drag of a cig after you've had a bad day...or when you find out someone appreciates some little things you do, and let's you know they appreciate that. or when someone gives you something that you talked about a long time ago, remembered about it, got it (or already had it) and eventually gives it to you. or when someone asks you how your day went, and really listened to you. a random call, just to say hi (or a text). or the first kiss, a gentle touch, or kind words when you're feeling like shit. those are the little things that i like so much, and appreciate daily. after explaining myself he changed his answer and told me that yeah, he would like and appreciate that too. you see, it's ALL ABOUT the little things. they are the most important. remember that.

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