Tuesday, November 18, 2003

changes.... as some of you may have noticed, i've been changing things here and there...along with the color scheme (it reminds me of vanilla bean ice cream & strawberry toppings!!). i got some of the my latest update ideas from mike and bumblebootie. i thought they looked cool so i kinda mixed it up and added a little. thanks guys! it gives me more of an 'identity' if you will. so yeah, along with the changes to the blog...i've been having a lot of life changes. for once...I'M OUT OF DEBT!! completely! no credit card debt, and i don't owe my bro anything for my car anymore. so ya'll know what that means. full speed ahead on school! i'm gonna take the next step and prep for and get the bestest GRE score i can possibly get. then apply to every single school i can apply to [location doesn't matter!!]. ahhh, life right now, at this moment....is GOOD. once i get the GRE out of the way and i'm in school, then i can take on other things...but for now, i'm REALLY happy. ahhhh, it's good to be happy ain't it? and the best thing about it is....i have the greatest friends that believe in me. actually, had a great talk with shan tonight...but that's another topic for another night. so with all that, i shall bid you adieu. *MWAH*

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