Friday, June 24, 2016

Don't expect too much.

That's the message I got from my run earlier. K still talks to me, she helps me make sense of things. 

Do things out of the good of your heart, do them for you, with no expectations in return. It's a shame that at the very baseline you won't get that respect back, but now, that's what I expect in return. 

I'm also learning not to bend for people so much. I do, do too much...for people who don't give a rats ass. Or they just end up taking from you. That's the most annoying part about it all. I grew up learning to help others, always care...but in this world, it's not like that. 

Lesson learned. Maybe it's the social worker in me wanting to always help out. I need stronger boundaries. At least I'm learning, you learn something new everyday. 

Expect less, if any. Expect nothing, don't bend, just let it all go. 

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