Wednesday, June 08, 2016

When it's on paper, it's official.

I didn't think it would be this quick & these past few weeks, I really haven't known what to do w/ myself. But it's all real. It's not a fluke, because I got my license in the mail. 

I haven't had to study, practice test, go over my note cards, or have everything social work in my head. It's so weird. For the past 4 years, it's all I've obsessed about. 

Things just fell into place this year. As if it were meant to happen this way. I have to admit, I think I had help...especially scheduling & helping me with my anxiety issues. 

This hasn't been the best year. But, things happen as they're supposed to happen. It's been hard, but you move forward, knowing she's in a better place. 

You still miss them, I miss her. You'll never feel complete. But you know they're always there with you. She's in a better place, she's no longer hurting. I feel comfort in that. She helps me when I run. She's more like Storm in my mind. She controls the weather & reminds me to focus so I don't get hurt. 

When I look up myself on Breeze, she's there. I think she'll be there whenever I do a search. She will always be there. But I don't cry, now I hold my head high & remember all the good times. All the time spent together. Those two weeks are so special to me. 

It's all so surreal, like it's not happening, but it is...and I got the paper to prove it. 

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