Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2nd to last treatment

My baby just had his second to the last treatment today, he was a good boy today.  Wasn't nervous at all, well, until he layed down.  He initially ran around the room and barked at the nurses, then he eventually calmed down.

He's in remission, and I can't believe we're almost done with his 15 weeks of treatment.  This has been a tough time for my family.  First we lost Kristy during this process, then my boy getting Muticentric Lymphoma and beating it.  I know it may or may not come back eventually, since they said it will, but like I said before...we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

But I am thankful that we were able to do this treatment in the first place, so again, I am thankful for those who have donated to my boy, my family.  He is able to beat cancer because all of you.  This is the best part of it all, he is still with us because my friends and family have supported us during this time.  So thank you to everyone who has supported us by your words, your donations, and your love.  We appreciate it all.

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