Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big White Rocks

So yesterday during my 15 miler, I slipped on these giant white rocks. Not one one ankle, but both. However, only one really bothered me. Limped a little when it happened & I was super careful all the way until the end of the run...

Then, when I got home I iced. It didn't feel super bad, but at my friends house (way later in the evening) it started bothering me, so I iced again. Got home, slept, then heated when I woke up. It felt good. So I talked to my friend, took a couple of Alleve's & just finished icing. She recommended icing before bed. 

I'm just super paranoid because I have The Towns Half on Saturday, then Santa Rosa Marathon the following weekend. It feels okay, & it's not inflamed like a sprain usually looks I think I'll be okay. 

I just really hate those big white rocks!!! Need to watch my footing at that trail, at least, now, I know. 

Hope you all are well!!


E =)

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