Friday, July 05, 2013

And now I swim.

I at least tried to. Today I joined my friend, Roxanne at the local Y & swam. At first I used the paddle board a couple of times to get used to the water. That went well. Then she showed me this thing to stabilize my legs, I was still kicking so we stopped using that. 

After that I learned the breast stroke. I would take a breath & go under water & blow bubbles through my nose.  I tried it & got halfway...then I saw the deep end & freaked out. Once I got my footing & swam back to the end of the pool, I felt better.  Roxanne asked me if I was done, of course I wasn't. I just needed a breather. So I did breast strokes to the middle & back several times. Concentrated on my breathing & tried to stay calm. 

I checked the time & we were at the halfway point of the hour. I grabbed the paddle board & from there I did laps. Boy that was tough! I ended up doing a total of 8. 

So in total, I believe I did 0.30 - 0.40 of a mile. I only counted my full laps, but I did a ton of half really I'm guesstimating. 

That was one of the toughest things I've done. Coughed up some water, but I kept moving forward. It felt really good. 

After, we hit the warming or hot water pool. Felt so relaxing & good after my 16 miler yesterday. While Roxanne went in the sauna, I let the bubbles hit my muscles for a mini massage. Oh man it was good. 

Can't wait to go again, I think I'm gonna look into membership. That is an amazing cross-training & will so help w/ my running. 

Lets see how I feel tomorrow for my 60 min Moderate run. I just received my heart rate monitor & connected it to my Garmin. I'm excited to see how it works & how much I can push myself. 

Hope you're all well in Internet land. Have a most beautiful weekend!



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