Sunday, May 19, 2013

Capitola Half - 2:19:18

**Before I start, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my boyfriend...I dragged him (and made him wake up early) to the race. =) =) <3

There were hills from the beginning to the end. I was prepared for hills, I was not prepared for the never ending hills. My friend found me after mile 3 or 4 & I got through a little over the 5th w/ her, then I had a coughing attack. 

I decompensated slowly from that point on. I've been having ankle issues, then around 9/10, it just got pissed at me. I started feeling pain around my hips too at that point. 

Took it easy on 11 & 12, by the beginning of 12 I was out of the hills. I told myself if I can run what I just ran...I'm running this out till the end.  Before the last mile marker, Francis & Christine were ringing cowbells at me (thanks for coming down from SF btw, and it was nice meeting you Christine!).

So here's the new plan. I'm on a break, at least for long distance running. My ankle needs to heal & I'm tired of not enjoying my races. I'll be doing kettlebells, Yogalosophy, Runners Yoga, short runs & when I'm ready, speed work. But nothing more than 6...for now. I want to hit some PR's in the Fall. 

Last year was the year of the PR. This year appears to be injury year.

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