Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pre-race Eve

Hmmm, so what to say. I recovered nicely from the hot-as-hell half. Was speedy this week & took it really easy for the most part. Weather in Capitola/Santa Cruz looks to be nice & cool. I've been ready for another PR attempt, it's getting my mind focused. 

I've done the training, the weekly yoga & kettlebell. Done a tempo & a few recovery runs. My massage was last weekend. Ankle is getting stronger & I've done Epson salt soaks, icing & heating. I've done what I it's focusing my mind. 

They say trust your training. I'm the strongest I've been since I've focused on the longer mileage. I got this, I want this, I'm seconds away. 

There's gonna be hills, I love hills more than flats. The sights will be lovely. I just gotta focus. Focus my mind. Believe, I gotta believe I can do this. 

I know I can. Check in w/ ya'll after the race. 😊

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