Thursday, January 01, 2004

manigong bagong taon! this past year has had it's up's and it's downs. i am very thankful for all my friends that seen me through it all, and are still around. i am very thankful for my family, their understanding and their love. i am thankful for the friendships i have made throughout the year, and especially the ones who i've reconnected with. this next year (well in a few days) i'm going to hit a big milestone, i'm turning...yes, i'm turning 30. i'm always excited at the end of the year since i was born a few days after the new year. i used to think of it as the best time to do after christmas shopping (with the great sales and all).....but the closer i got to this year, the less i thought of nicely wrapped boxes, or things i can get myself. as i look back i have accomplished quite a deal...and i'm looking forward to this next year to do all the things i'd hoped to accomplish (yes, i'm going to start prepping for the GRE and start looking into schools). i finally finished paying off all my bills (thank god!) and paid off my car to my brother...i also made it to my 2nd christmas party with my firm. now that in and of itself is a big deal (i never make it to the 2nd christmas party!). so here's to the new year, i hope this next year will bring you all much happiness, success & all that you deserve. thank you all for being we go 2004!

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