Thursday, January 01, 2004

happy new years (again) so i'm here at my boy arnie's pad aka skooby if you know him from irc. so we're watching over underaged people drink and pass out. i'm just chilling w/ the red wine that i brought and just laughing my ass off at the one that made the song about know stand up...instead replace the words with .....when i lean you lean...hahahahhah yeah that's funny shit. anyway, ya'll have a happy new year! everyone who called me is slurring their asses off and arnie is laughing as i'm typing this. hope you all had a good one! to old acquaintence we forgot, and to the days of auld lang syne. yes i'm surrounded by frat boys and sorority chicks....yeah...... hope you all are having fun! *mwahhhhhhhhh*

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