Thursday, November 07, 2002

So almost two weeks have passed, and things have only slightly improved. I'm still having anxiety and now i'm starting to feel sick. Maybe it's the weather. I don't know, it's just a lot has gone on and I feel like nothing has been accomplished. I had my housewarming, that was fun. Drinking and friends are always fun. The new girl started, but i'm still not seeing how she's helping any. They still come to me for help instead of her. I'm not complaining it's just, I wish I had someone that I can go to, to help me out once in a while. ..and still the stupidest, and smallest things still set me off! Some idiot saw me on his buddy list and got pissed off at me because I wouldn't tell him who I was because of his rudeness. Geez, get a grip. Ignorant people piss me off. Like I could magically add myself to anyone's buddy list. Yes, I'll just use my Vulcan Mind Meld then bust out my Harry Potter Wand to do the trick, and jump on my Nimbus 2000 Vibrating Broom to get even more jollies. I can't believe they actually sold that thing! Ha, I head on the news today that they took it off the market, since only teen girls were using it. Hmmm....I wonder why. Anyway, I just wish I could find a way to calm down. My temper has been so uncontrolable, it's not even funny (is that even a word?). I know some people just see work as a job, but this is the beginning of my career, and I don't want to see it that way. Of course, i'm planning on going back to school so I can go in another direction but that's besides the point. I just wish I could somehow control my feelings. Maybe it is because i'm tired, I know at times I feel overwhelmed. Maybe I need to go on some sort of medication. Nah, i'm not that bad. Okay, i'm rambling, that's not good. I need rest, maybe I should read those books I bought. I swear I buy books and I don't read them, it's just like college all over again. HA!. I read Harry Potter, and i'd probably make more time to read the next HP book. I LOVE that series. Anyway, it's Thursday. Friends just ended. I LOVE Freddy Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar is so lucky. Anyway...i'm gonna go lie in bed. She's calling me. =) So I shall bid you adieu...*mwa*

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