Sunday, April 17, 2016

My vegetarian/pescetarian journey

It's been a little over a month, & I don't miss meat. I need to up my workouts again since I've been slacking after my legs recovered.  Well, I did bring it part back up to get ready for #BSIM, which is in exactly a week. Then 2 weeks from that I'm pacing my friend in a 100k. After that I'm back to half marathon training & I will ramp up the weights again. 

Chicken less strips, tofu, lots of salmon, the occasional's all yum. Trying cauliflower rice, quinoa & much more salad. I actually have more energy w/ less sleep, but I need to catch up on that too. This revamping has been an adventure, even looking for local restaurants hasn't been terrible. Trader Joes is the best place, but Safeway has good options as well. In my area it's easier to make it myself, since I'm surrounded by fast food & a non variety type of restaurants. 

Oh, I have added another challenge for me. I'm back to limiting my sugar intake. The struggle is so real. Of course I finished all the treats in the house & haven't bought anything since. 

Wish me luck, I'm really trying to trim down & it's hard at my size. The more I lose the faster I'll be & that's the ultimate goal. 

I'm including a pic of my new favorite training area. I burned more calories there  than actually doing 2 miles running. I'll be including it in my weekly workouts. 👍🏽

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