Friday, August 01, 2003

seasons change you know sometimes (or so i'm told). . .you wake up. things that used to bother you, don't. or things that you thought mattered, well. . .don't. i take that back--of course they matter (it's just not so much). it's normal for things to change like the seasons (it's just sad when they do). but you welcome the change because new things seem to pop up from out of nowhere. i think. . .earlier this week i woke up. one of my friends told me i would and i didn't believe him (but i did). so now i'm welcoming new things, changes if you will. hell, i'll be in jersey in 33 days and counting. so yeah. i think i'm actually happy now. not content. . .actually happy. the seasons change, people change. . . as expose sang it best, "Seasons change, feelings change. It's been so long since I found you, yet it seems like yesterday. Seasons change, people change." ahh, the times they are a changing my friend. adieu. 33/34 p.s. thanks dean. . . for the lesson. i'll keep it in mind for next time!

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