Saturday, August 16, 2003

saying good bye. . . so this weekend i put my one and only desktop computer in babygirl and we drove home. . . monitor and all. she went to her new mommy this morning. *sigh* she was the first computer that i bought, the first one i used to irc (in color & SOUNDS!!--that was a trip), created (for lack of a better word) my first web page, wrote papers on her, did research. . . basically she got me through college. she was the one i used when i first started this blog. . . she's old, but she's still good. so i pass her on to my girl Lani, the adoption was finally complete. she might not be able to use netscape (since she's so old, she can't open the fancy pages anymore) but explorer works just as good. she went through an upgrade from 95 - 98 then back to 95 (not one of my best ideas). i had to get one of my friends to re-format her (thanks pauly!!), she completely broke down. . . but she got better. . . only a week of separation then she was back in business. she was there for all the good times and the bad, but in the end she was working better than ever. only has 25% more free mem, but i'm sure once Lan takes off netscape she'll be good once again. *sigh* it's really hard to let your babies go, but i had too. . . she was just sitting in my hallway all boxed up, i was neglecting her but i just didn't know where i should of taken her. *sigh* i feel better now, Lani will take good care of her. . . and i can talk to Lan online now. daymn, i remember those days. . . staying up till 4 or so just talking to everyone on irc--from new york to the bay. we would eat our dinners in front of the computer. . . i would rush home from school (after all those daymn night school classes), say hi to the family, grab some din-din. . . and turn her on. or i would log on just to find Lani or my other friends and see if they wanted to go to starbucks. . . i could have just as easily picked up the phone--but what fun is that? 'cause unlike some other "internet chatters" we all actually knew each other, and hung out whenever possible--albeit tours of the bay, dinners, movies, clubbing, watching the guys play bond, or daygo bonfires!! road trip anyone?? ahhhh the memories. i miss those days. so i shall bid adieu to my babygirl desktop. *tear* i miss you already. *sigh* *MWA* 18/34

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