Tuesday, April 01, 2003

reminisce over you. . . it's funny how time flies, funny how things turn out. i never thought i'd move to la, i thought i was a strictly bay area girl. i was actually planning on moving up to the city. . . who knew. i know i wanted to go somewhere, just never knew where i'd end up. . . but who does? *wonder* i was watching my jac tapes last night. just got #21 (the one i made) the other day (thanks dean!!), and i've had #30 (the retreat i directed), ever since the reunion of that retreat. funny how one changes over the years. what was i thinking?? and the hair?? my dear lord. man, time really changes people. some people don't get affected so much, but man. . . hella different. not just in looks either, man, i thought i was so cool. . . heh, now i know better. whew, no one's seeing that tape! well 30 is okay, but not 21. man! what a difference years make. seriously. i wonder what everyone will be/look like in 10 more years. . . let's see if i make it to my 20 year reunion (i actually made it to 10, man i'm old). it's just funny how everyone was back then, compared to now. years give you experience, and that experience makes you grow. . . i guess. shoot, look at me now. if only i can take that and possibly shoot up a couple of inches. now that would be bomb. interesting. be nice today all. . . no mean or inappropriate april fools. *MWA* "my weakness, is my sweetness" *repeat* 4x

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