Thursday, April 24, 2003

the bestest friends in the world do any of you have a friend that no matter how far you go, or no matter how much time is spent apart. . . the moment you do get together, it's as if you guys were never apart? that's why i love shannie so much. i headed over to her pad after work today, and i just feel so much better now. she just knows me to daymn well, that's what the problem is. but hey, that's why i love her so daymn much. it's funny, you can give someone advice when they're going through things, but when you're going through a similar situation. . . you can't give yourself the same advice. you always need another party to show you the error of your ways. why is that anyway? arrggghhhhhh, i hate that, i so hate that. but i'm glad that i have someone to point that out to me. i might not have a whole lot of friends, but the ones that i do are the best ever. it's all about quality baby! *snap* now i have too much going on in my head. unanswered questions and all that crap. eh, it'll all come together. . . you'll see. i love her, and i love all my beautiful friends. i might not show it, but i do. anyway, not to get off the subject (like i ever do that), but. . . i would just like to say that since i don't make you people read whatever i have to say, then you do have the option to look elsewhere for your blogging entertainment. i realize that i won't please everyone, and that's really not the point of this. i actually don't care, but hey, why hate. really, what's the point? but, hey. . . to each his own. . . and i have wasted enough time on my sidenote. so back to the subject at hand. i'm so glad that i am surrounded by people who love me, just the way i am. it's the greatest feeling in the world i tell you. gotta love it! so with that said, i shall bid you all adieu. NITE!! *MWA*

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