Thursday, December 26, 2002

So okay, i'm sitting here cold, and bored. Almost fell asleep on the road going to my parents retirement house, and back home. Seeing that I was the driver, that was very bad. I know, I know. WAKE UP!!! *slaps face around* So i'm waiting for Shan to get ready, I wanna go to the mall already...but it's freezing outside. I wanna use my gc's that I got. whooo hooooo! Anyway, i'm tired....and i'm only doing this because one of the "boys" was bugging me yesterday, and today cause I didn't blog yet. Well are ya happy now? Oh and thanks for letting me watch Robotech that was cool. Yay, it's Thursday and we're not at work. Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation have to get away. I wanna sleep that's what I want to do. But noooooo, everyone wants me to go here or there. BLAH. Let me sleep!! Well actually last weekend I slept, it's just during the week i'm not so much. Anyway, this is random, so very random. I'm eating a Reese favorite. YUMMERS! So, so, let's see. Gonna do my hair tomorrow, possible shoot tomorrow...we shall see won't we. I'm sad though, tomorrow is Friday then i'll have to go home in a few days...and work again. grrrrrrr. I don't wanna leave the bay, i'm actually having fun here. Wow one whole week at home, the best ever. Gotta love it! Okay, gonna chill with the fam, till next time! *mwa*

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