Sunday, September 20, 2015

Random thoughts about 5150's since it's suicide prevention month.

This month is suicide prevention month. Since I've graduated, I have done several assessments & most recently I've placed individuals on 5150's. I've learned that people will do what they want, when they want. But if the people around you know the signs, they will most likely reach out for help before you do. 

People are unpredictable, there's tons of statistics. Older men, those just discharged from an admission, those feeling better, usually men...they say those are who will be successful in attempts. If they have a history of attempts, something significant triggering them, life changing, anniversary deaths of people important. Those who have actual plans, then get drunk or high to give them courage. 

Those who have been depressed & just tired of it all. Paranoid people, people who hate their hallucinations. People who have no support, there's so many symptoms. It can be anything. 

For veterans, you have insurance & it's super good. You need to call the veterans association & find a therapist. If you're in Monterey County & have medi-cal, call the Crisis Team & get referrals for outpatient treatment. Actually, anyone in any county call your local crisis team (just Google, I have found resources in other states for patients).  If you don't want to take meds? That's fine, you are in charge of your treatment, just reach out.  If you see a loved one suffering, reach out for them. Just do something. 

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