Tuesday, July 08, 2003

it's their anniversary so okay 36 years ago, in a little chapel somewhere on the east coast (i think in virginia) my mom and dad and two of their friends got together in front of a priest and said their i do's. wasn't a big event, but they've been together ever since. 8 months later, my big bro eric came, alfrancis came a year after that [rip], noel came a year after that, then i came 4 years after that. they've stuck together through all the good and the bad. because of them, i know what love is. to this day they still cap on each other, then giggle. they still play fight, my mom always has to be right, my dad is still chill, letting her have her way. man, i love them so. because of them, i am who i am today. of course i fought them every step of the way, but what daughter dosen't fight with her parents? yes, the mistake likes to fight. heh. i remember the first time my dad told me that, i think i cried. but then my mom told me she wanted me, so i was happy once again. then again, daddy wants me to be the one to give him grandkids, and my mom wants me to have a kick ass wedding. eh, whatcha gonna do? i just hope i'm as lucky as they were to find each other. well, i'm told, my mom was playing hard to get with daddy for a while. maybe that's the key? hmmmm, or perhaps i already met him. *shrug* regardless, today is a day to celibrate. i celibrated with them this weekend. it's my brothers turn to take them out. yay, it's their anniverary. wheeeee!!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOMMY & DADDY!!! i love you guys so!! *mwa* *mwa* *mwa* *mwa*

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